Not surprising, Blatter has African supporters

I just read a part. Then I gave up.

At once, it sounded like a joke. Most of the comments. At another, the comments felt unreal.

The BBC Africa page appeared on my Timeline. Not by accident. It was by design. I liked that page. Liked it to stay abreast with the events in Africa and abroad. Liked it because even if you cannot trust yourself, you can trust the BBC. I remembered one strikingly beautiful line I heard from the Malawian writer, Shemu Joya, that it will be the BBC that will announce the end of the world.

So, to not be left alone while everyone has been raptured, I liked the BBC page.

Not long ago, I started regretting. The comments on the page fuelled depression. The comments provoked exasperation. But, I forgave. I have read worse comments on Telegraph from predictably non-Africans. I have read worse comments on Time magazine. I have read worse comments anywhere. The insane have been unleashed on social media and nobody should be shocked by the comments they read; at least not when you do not know the people.

Today, the BBC posted on the FIFA scandal. It brought the opinions of the world whoevers on its page. I was amused, almost bemused, by Putin's comments. All he sees is the hand of the US crashing heavily on FIFA as a revenge. Putin sees no corruption. But, he is just Putin.

No, he is not just Putin.

He is an opinion leader. In Africa. Of all places.

Putin's comments have got a resounding applause. Among Africa's social commentators on the BBC Africa page. They do not just believe him but they agree with him word by word of what he says. They actually feel Putin is speaking their language. Language of the truth.

To them, Blatter and his cronies are victims of a scheme. A scheme targeted at FIFA to revenge for snubbing the US from hosting the World Cup.

I may not be sure of the length of corruption that Blatter has presided over but my first feeling each time I hear of Blatter is one of indignation.

I always wonder why Blatter feels he should be the FIFA life President. I always wonder why competitors to the throne pull out at the last minute under the most strangest of circumstances. I am not saying apart from presiding over corruption Blatter presides over a syndicate of mafias that intimidate any closest competitor. I would say that in private. Not in public such as this.

Here, in public, I just want to wonder aloud what benefits are there for the FIFA 'owner' to never imagine a life outside FIFA. I am just wondering why Blatter thinks without him football in the world will tumble face flat and be wiped off the face of the earth. I am just wondering why Blatter feels he is the axis of football in the world and that without him the football world will stop spinning.

Certainly, somehow, Blatter reflects the philosophy of politicians. Mostly African politicians. People who cannot leave their seats so another takes over. To them, they are the only people with a vision. No matter how blurred it gets to get with years falling over their existence.

A simple understanding of the philosophy that drives such leaders, however, is that they are sitting on a mound of corrupt loot. Dislodging them shall not only mean an end to their reign of thievery and thuggery but as well an exposition that might lead them to jail. I am using might because, in Africa, not many will be jailed. They will be tracked for a few days, or months, or years, just so the new regime can properly behold the title of 'new and clean politics' and eventually secure donor aid but soon after they will become bedfellows with the new regime.

The new regime, apparently, goes back to the same thief and ask how to loot and where to stack the loot. That is the sad reality.

Worse still, these leaders once unwillingly dethroned will always have supporters. These are not imported mercenary supporters. They are the local people whom this person has been fleecing with abandon. They will not think that the money was their taxes. They will not think that the money was meant for developmental works for them. They will cheer the dislodged despot to their death. At each of his court appearance, they will be there. They will fault the arresting authorities.

This, therefore, does not make me surprised when I discover that on the BBC Africa page the majority are defending Blatter. They are used. They always defend corruption. With the revelations, suspected for a long time, that Blatter has been presiding over a body of corrupt kleptomaniacs, you can bet in Africa his reputation has soared.

If he can decide to stand as a President for any country, it is most likely he will win. His corruption record is enviable. By African standards.

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