Which guy asks a girl for sex?

Let me start from there:

Which guy, in his right or drunk mind, lies on a bed in a University room and ask his girlfriend for sex in a plain, boring and straightforward manner?

I mean, imagine this:

You are a guy. Drunk. In a room with your girlfriend. You have been dating for months. Your blood is boiling. Hers, you can assume, is as well boiling. Do you say:

“I want to have sex?”

Pardon me, please, but this sounds so unreal. I know how sex is launched. I mean consensual sex among couples – whether married or not is besides the point.

I know better how it is launched in the event that the two are unmarried. And is consensual.
I will take you through the publishable basics: you kiss, fondle and whatever. 

But, you don’t just lie on the bed and demand: ‘I want sex!’

And, what does the girlfriend do?

She says no but before long once the guy is about to take exit for being denied sex, after asking in such a boring and childish way, she changes her mind. She offers the raw sex.

Now, this sounds childish. And, I may add, plainly boring.

Yet this is a scene I have just pulled out from a Mzuzu University students production of the famed Alufeyo movie. Yes, by Malawian standards it is famed. 

It is such a scene that has made me recoil and fear the kind of movie industry we are creating. One would expect University students – evidently active in sexual activities and most importantly mastering the core issues in drama and acting – would act better a sex scene. But, that was the best they could offer. 

I am disappointed, with that scene! 

Of course, I would say it is a better production. That is if it is weighed against the things that parade on local television, from local producers. But scenes such as this make the critical eye in some of us stand up in arms and wail before – or after – the producers start celebrating of a mature production.

Again, how do the police interrogate suspects?

In the movie, the Police are trying to extract a confession from a student who is busy dodging them. What do they do? They meet with the registrar, confess the person in question is dodgy (which would make him a prime suspect) and use their own phones to ask for a meeting with the suspect. Why not use the registrar's if it is really pinning down a dodgy suspect?

I am assuming if he knows he is guilty and has been dodgy to the Police, what will he do once the Police tell him they are in the registrar’s office? Ha! No prize for guessing.

I am not commenting on the individual acting. Just two scenes ruffled me the wrong way while I was watching and I could not wait to finish before writing something. That is why my brief commentary does not tell how the production plays along to the mythical HIV narrative.

I am also not writing how the production is the typical ‘good boy turn bad and gets consequences’ production.

I am shunning from writing a lot that I could about the production, especially the sensitive themes it throws about with callousness. 

But, watch it. Make an independent opinion.

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