For my love

I won't be there
when they lose themselves
to the ecstasy of the muse
and burry themselves
in the passions of politics.

I won't congregate with them
under the dark thursday night
as they fail to see the dangers
lurking on the corners
in their stupor of art

I won't join them
as they scratch the nose
of the roaring lions and leopards
with their skill of writing
in their ignorance of danger

I will be here, dear
composing sweet verses and lines
that will sound as mellodies
to fill you with happiness

I will lie on your lap
and wander into distant worlds
before coming back with beautiful
in the chambers of my heart

I won't join them dear
for my poetry
is of love (Is for you)
and they say:
they don't need it
for theirs is political.

Instead, I'll be with you
and watch my nation
being sold at a low price
while our love blossoms!


One of my friends,Raphael Lali,once brought up a subject I never thought anybody would. Where is part 2 of Identical twins? He wondered to my astonishment. It will be posted soon, that was my obvious response yet up to date nothing has cropped up.

Well,Raphael thanks firstly for following me up and keeping track of my works. I really appreciate it. Secondly,I would wish to say here that blogging in Malawi - to a student - like me is not all that easy. It is a task - a hard one.

However,it does not mean that I shall not be posting until after I am no longer a student or I get out of Malawi. No! I have thought of bouncing back and that is why I have written this. So, don't worry all the few people who follow this blog. I am here and will try to always quench your thirst for my views.