Power of sex

POLYGAMY, claims the Malawi government, must be outlawed. Reason? To protect children, women and even men in polygamous relationships. There might be some element of truth in that and also some element of lies, little doubt about that – if any!

Sudi Sulaimana, PhD., that man whom both the Muluzi and Kamuzu government troubled for the very same issue (or crime?) of treason, was at Chancellor College a few weeks ago. He was commenting on recent government decisions that they (the government) want to translate into bills. There was also the issue of polygamy. He was against the government; he was (and still is) in favor of polygamy. He says polygamy should not be outlawed. Why?

There are just no convincing reasons for outlawing polygamy, that he said. After all, he went on, a lot of Malawian men are in polygamous relationships only that a good number are in ‘unofficial polygamy’. True it might be; that Malawian men are in polygamous relationships, they have concubines – some small children, school going teenagers. Why?

We can pretend to not know the answer for whatever we describe as culture but the answer we know. It is not love, at least that nobody can deceive us. These people, the old ones, are searching for sex with the young ones. Shameful! And the young ones? Some say poverty. Fine; but what about the daughters of the rich ones, what do they search for? Money? I beg to differ. They search not for money. We all know what they search for. Shameful too!

The world of one Grey Mkungula almost crumbled in 2008. Reason? Photographs of him and some women were on the circulation. So, what is wrong with photos circulating? Nothing wrong but not when they are nude photos as they were of him. They were photos that displayed the power of sex. A power that can paralyze right thinking individuals to think so low so as to put their nudity on display. Married people, for that matter, with children. A power that can be compared to none, not even money.

Blantyre Newspapers Limited (BNL) launched an afternoon paper last year – Weekend Times. Since the launch, only issues of sex have been on the front page. Is the paper too obsessed with sex? No! It is the nation that is too obsessed with sex. It is the people of this country who are obsessed with sex such that we have made it a front page news item. As a nation, we have been arrested by the strange power of sex. A power that has made giants fall since time immemorial, an example is in the Bible of Samson the powerful – he fell for Delilah, nay sex!

The Catholic Church, with all due respect, has been rocked in scandals not only outside Malawi but even within the country. It is wrong to think the church is not desperate. It is desperate, that is supposing that there is no such a description as ‘too desperate’. Little wonder then that a priest stood and said all men sleep around. True? Perhaps, I know not – a man of God does not lie, at least that I know, unless he is not a man of God but just pretends to be. Then, he proceeded to say that we should not blame the priests when they ignore their celibacy vows. What was he admitting, that priests are men too? No, that we all know and better too. He was admitting that sex is too powerful, even for men of God, such that it can lead and it leads to the violation of vows. Nobody can blame him for such an acknowledgement.

It is a fact, hate it or not, that sex is powerful. It has a power. A very strange and peculiar power. A power that seems, just seem, to be beaten by none. But, you know what, there is another power that beats that of sex. It is powerful, very powerful, than that of sex. Money? No, not money. Money is a weaker power when compared to sex.

This is a power that existed, exists now and will always exist. The power of the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a power that we all need for us to escape this power of sex. It is a power found in none; no church, no man but the blood only. The blood of Jesus Christ. If we have this power than we will keep the celibacy vows. Then sex will not be a problem anymore, a problem to make businesses, nations and relationships crumble. The power of the blood of Jesus Christ is a power that is greater than that of sex!


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