Where went the federation noise?

I wanted it to read: 'where went the federation nonsense?'

But, sometimes, I am reminded of the values I was imparted. At the same time, in attempting to accommodate even the proponents of the nonsense, I have settled for a neutral and almost respectful word: noise. That is only in the heading.

I once posted on Facebook, when the nonsense was confusing, that the discussion of 'federation' and 'secession' or anything of such sort was just nonsense. I laughed at all those who were carried away by the insanity of the mover of the motion and I told them they were all partakers in a feast of insanity where they were all laughing at one man's joke which was nothing beyond his delusion. It was rude, you may argue, but it was honest as well.

Now, as you can see, after a dose of reality all the deluded have shut up and are back into engaging in a public discourse of the usual stuff of 'poorest country on earth' or 'new marriage bill'.

Well, welcome to the world of reality. These are the issues that we need to discuss; not that they will benefit our country anything but because we sometimes find a common ground here and stop discussing the vanities of our tribes which have brought no gain nor loss on us.

As I said in yet another post on the same Facebook platform, the issue of federation or secession is not talked about from the comfort of one's bed with one punching away keys on a smartphone to belch his ideas on Facebook, at least not in Africa.

Read your books, or online sources, and see how in some places raged the fire of secession or its cousin, federation, and how the authorities were engaged.

By the way, they were not always successful and chances of Mecca merging with Vatican are higher than you getting even a chance to be heard on the nonsense you stopped after discovering its vanity.

Once again, where went the federation nonsense?

I know most of you will choose to react to the tone, not the reality that this post has carried. Nevertheless, next time somebody brings up this issue do not get carried away. It will die a natural death as it has always done.

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