June, the Malawian literature month

This blog, unusually, dedicates the month of June to Malawian literature.

I have discussed about Malawian literature on this blog, of course, but none has ever been as constant as I challenge myself to do in this month of June.

The lasttime I commented on Malawian literature, I only remained with a few steps to declare it dead. But, it was because of the material that I was focusing on which, much as it might be generalisable to Malawian literature, it was not the absolute.   

Nevertheless, to be cautious and safe, I am not assuming that June is the month for this blog to celebrate Malawian literature. I am not focusing on celebration. I will just focus on it as it comes – the Malawian literature.

So, if it gives the reasons for celebration, I will celebrate. If it takes away the reasons for celebration, I will commiserate. In the end, I aim to try to give a picture of Malawian literature – mostly as it is published in the weekend papers. This picture from an ardent follower of the Malawian literature with the rights to brag to having been close to it as a producer, consumer and even 'server'.

Enough of the poetry, so this month I will be focusing on published stories in the weekend papers of the Malawi News and The Weekend Nation.

I know, and appreciate, that there has been a mushrooming of online websites (such as Tiwerenge and Nthanda Review) that publish Malawian literature. However, for this particular moment, I will disregard them in a way owing to my opting to be practical as well as their reach (the lack of it, really, at this material time).

So, in this month of June, I will aim to at least provide a commentary on a Short Story that appears in one of the weekend papers. I am hoping that the editors will not have to stagger one story over three weeks or the whole month because that would be a stumbling block.

I do not want to do a random selection. So, my plan is that I will start with the Malawi News and will move to The Weekend Nation the other week and go back to the former before finishing with the latter.

I hope to have my little commentary ready and up at least by the Tuesday following that Saturday.
Is this achievable? I hope so, although I know how lazy I get these days with writing but, for this cause, I want to be faithful.

So, if you are a fan of Malawian literature (or what passes for it), then stay with me for this month. We might find a common ground – or not! I will appreciate that, anyway. 

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